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1625 Independent People

Work, work, work... Pah!
Have some fun! Raise some cash. Feel good.

Below are some easy ways to get involved.  Read our Fundraising Pack for more great ideas and have a look at our Fundraising Calendar to see what's coming up.

Welly Wednesday

Helping young people reboot their lives!
Take part in our city wide "Wear your wellies to work day" and brighten up your January! 
Have a Best Dressed Welly competition or get out of the office and have a Welly Wanging Competition! 

Find out more about Welly Wednesday

Christmas Dinner4Good

Why not turn your office Christmas meal into something really special by turning it into a Dinner4Good!
Organising the work Christmas do can be stressful so if the responsibility has fallen to you, why not make sure all that hard work goes towards something amazing to help young people in your local community?

Read more about Dinner4Good



Do a collection for our Indykits start-up packs for young people who are starting out on their own. Get your work mates to bring in household items they don't use or have doubles of.

Read more about Indykits


Dragon Boat Race

Every year we take part in the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival on Baltic Wharf.

Get a team together and race against 36 other boats!  In fancy dress of course.

The festival has raised over half a million pounds for local charities. Read more about the Dragon Boat Festival

Charity of the Year

Nominate us as your workplace charity of the year! This is a great way to help us raise funds and awareness and to work with your colleagues towards a common goal.

Read our Corporate Partners page


Staff volunteering

Do you have an Employee Volunteering Day?
A growing number of employers provide staff with annual volunteering days as part of fulfilling their corporate social responsibility aims. If this is something your employer provides please contact us to discuss what kind of opportunity you are looking for and if we have any suitable vacancies.

We can help through our V.I.P Scheme.

Give As You Earn

Many employers operate a payroll giving scheme such as GAYE. This is a great way to donate as it is very tax effective for you as the donor as well as us as a charity, making your donations go further. Ask your employer if they operate a payroll giving scheme.
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